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Still Dont Have a Costume? Text Warby Parker and Theyll Tell You What to Be
Warby Parker/Getty Images

We can all agree that the Halloween struggle is real. Do we go with something cute (bubblegum machine), something pop culture (Game of Thrones), something funny (Bey’s twins) or something ridiculous (pigs in a blanket)?

Warby Parker (maker of sunglasses and also, sorta surprisingly, lover of all things Halloween) understands and wants to help. This year, if you text BOO to 68848, Warby Parker’s Costume Council will send you three questions. Use an emoji to answer each one and a personalized costume will be generated for you.

We tried it out. The first question: What reaction do you want your costume to evoke? Of course, we picked heart eyes. Next: What mood are you in? The clenched-eyes emoji (Tuesdays, man). And last: It’s the year 3017, and everyone is naming their kids with emojis. What would you name yours? Too easy. Salsa dancing girl, duh.

To our surprise, we should be “The One That Got Away.” Next question: Who wants to help us craft a hook, scales and fins?

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