‘Ted Lasso’ Just Dropped a Surprise Animated Christmas Special

Ted Lasso fans woke up to a surprise gift this morning.

While the second season of the Emmy-winning comedy series wrapped back in October, Apple TV+ gave fans a new Christmas special just in time for the holidays. Fittingly, the short was created in a stop-motion form to match the style of many Christmas classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Little Drummer Boy.

The clip, titled “The Missing Christmas Mustache,” was shared to the Apple TV+ Instagram account, where they said, “Christmas came early.” The special was also shared by stars like Brett Goldstein (AKA Roy Kent), who posted the video to his own account and captioned it, “Happy Fxxxing Christmas from everyone at Ted Lasso Towers.”

In the clip, we see all of our favorite characters go hunting for Ted Lasso's mustache when it suddenly goes missing. “Oh no! I'm supposed to FaceTime with Henry in an hour. He won't recognize me without my mustache,” Ted says.

Everyone in the group tries to help him solve the problem, from Keeley drawing on a fake mustache, to Roy giving Ted his eyebrows to wear instead.

This new special isn't the first time we've seen these characters in animated form. When the season 2 Christmas episode “Carol of the Bells” premiered back in August, the intro was made using the same stop-motion animation. Goldstein teased this change prior to the episode, saying, “The Ted Lasso Christmas Episode opening credits seem different in some way…Title sequence directed by @jedhathaway.”

Suddenly we're in the mood to re-binge the series...

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