Target’s Sun Squad Collection Has Everything You Need for the Best Summer Party Ever

Now that we've gotten over the Memorial Day hump, it's officially summer party season. And what better way to celebrate than by decking out your backyard in fun, affordable gear from everyone's favorite retail giant, Target? Specifically, the Sun Squad line. The 464-piece collection covers everything from lounge chairs and llama floats to paper goods and pineapple string lights. Here are a few pieces we've got our eyes on.


Fun In The Sun Beach Sand Chair

If you need us, we'll just be reclining in this bad boy from now until Labor Day.

Buy it ($10)


Grapefruit Pool

This might not be as spacious as Target's $40 party pools, but it's ideal for dipping your feet in.

Buy it ($20)


Disposable Hamburger Dinner Plates

Eating a burger off of a burger plate? Trés meta.

Buy them ($1.50 for 10 plates)


Giant Llama Pool Float

Who doesn't love a whimsical pool float moment?

Buy it ($16)


Neon Tabletop Pineapple Sign