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90s Kids Rejoice: Tamagotchis Are Coming Back
Charla Jones/Getty Images

Calling all ’90s kids: As if Pokémon Go wasn’t enough of a blast from the past, we’re about to see the return of Tamagotchis. Yep, Bandai Namco, the Japanese company behind the virtual-pet keychain that originally came out 20 years ago, just announced that the little devices will be available again stateside on November 5.

For those of us who need a reminder, the tiny Tamagotchis are basically two-inch, battery-operated keychains that you treat like a living pet via a series of digital actions. You know, feeding it when it’s hungry, comforting it when it’s sad, picking up its virtual poop... Yeah, animal ownership isn’t for everyone.

For a retail price of $15, you can now relive your high school days via the tiny chirps of your hungry Nyorotchi. Because we all need a few more distractions in our lives, right?

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