Swimply Is Like AirBnB...for Swimming Pools

women in a swimming pool

Just because you've been stuck in a 250-square-foot, sixth-floor walk-up—for which you pay a nauseating amount of money—for months doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool this summer.

Swimply is the first-ever online pool-sharing marketplace. What does that mean? Through the site, users can rent pools in their area for days of swimming, tanning (with sunscreen, of course) and general fun.

Though it's been around for a bit, Swimply has seen a huge spike in interest since the Covid-19 shutdown began back in March, as people started to realize public pools would probably not be open for the summer.

On Swimply’s website and app, potential swimmers can read about available pools, see reviews and book sessions. Owners can list their pool on the website and include customized information on availability, rules and prices, with a guarantee of an effortless transaction within 24 hours of the reservation. (And don't worry, each pool is inspected for safety prior to listing.)

We know what you’re thinking: How much is this going to cost me? Not that much, actually—especially if a few friends go in on the price. The average pool costs $45 per hour and is based on pool area size, amenities, timing and demand.

Swimply has also recently ventured beyond the pool rental service with its forthcoming offering, Joyspace. Joyspace, which will allow users to rent spaces by the hour, including basketball courts, tennis courts, private gyms and backyards. While Joyspace hasn’t officially launched, the waitlist is open for those interested in renting a space, and for those who want to offer up their space for rent.

Don’t mind if we do.

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