Microsoft’s ‘We All Win’ Super Bowl Commercial Will Make You Tear Up Over a Video Game Controller

If you stayed awake for the entirety of Super Bowl LIII, congratulations—you endured not only the lowest scoring Big Game in history and a totally fine halftime show, but a lot of ho-hum commercials, too.

Of course, not all of the ads were duds, and if you happened to catch Microsoft’s “We All Win” spot, you know what we mean. The heart-tugging ad will have you in tears over a video game controller.

The commercial—which is for Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, a gaming controller designed for players with limited mobility—follows a group of young gamers with special needs. They start off by describing the limitations they’ve experienced playing with a traditional gaming system controller. And these kids are serious about their play: Says 9-and-a-half-year-old Owen, who has Escobar Syndrome, “I love video games, my friends, my family and again video games.” They’re not just games, but also a way for the kids to interact with their friends that transcends physical limitations.

The adaptive technology allows players to program a custom controller that meets their unique and specific needs, thereby giving them the freedom to play at the same level as anyone else.

Per the company, “The story illustrates Microsoft’s commitment to building accessible technology that levels the playing field and creates opportunity for all of us.” And this isn’t the first time the brand has put a spotlight on the need for more inclusive tech products. You might recognize Owen from Microsoft’s equally tearjerking Christmas commercial for the adaptive controller.

Says Owen, “What I like about the adaptive controller is that now, everyone can play.” We should all be this inclusive.