The New Summersalt Swimwear Collab Was Designed to *Actually* Flatter Everyone

If summer is the greatest season of them all, why does swimwear shopping strike fear into the hearts of everyone? It *might* be a combination of bad dressing room lighting and ill-fitting suits that were designed by…well, definitely not a woman.

That’s where Summersalt’s latest capsule collection, called Power Suits, comes in. The direct-to-consumer company (which also happens to be sustainable) teamed up with five inspiring women to create a body-positive line of suits that are actually figure-flattering—and not just labeled as such.

Who’s on the roster? Anti-bullying activist Aija Mayrock; artist Isabella Huffington; The 12ish Style and Megababe founder Katie Sturino; SheLift founder and visibility advocate Sarah Herron; and entrepreneur Alicia Quarles. Each piece was designed to fulfill each collaborator’s specific swimsuit essentials, whether that be color blocking, generous cut or boob support.

Courtesy of Summersalt

According to Summersalt, the Power Suits collection was “brought to life from the idea that swimwear doesn’t need to trigger feelings of discomfort, vulnerability or insecurity.” Instead, Summersalt wants to make you feel confident. And when you're basking in the sun, why shouldn't you?

Each suit has a UPF of 50+ for sun protection, with sizes ranging from 2 to 22 (depending on the style) and will only set you back $95. We're officially all in.

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