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Starbucks Is Introducing Dairy-Free Frappuccinos (and They Contain 35 Percent Fewer Calories)
Courtesy of Starbucks

Calling everyone who’s lactose intolerant or simply looking to cut the milk and cream out of their coffee. Starbucks just announced it’s introducing dairy-free versions of their beloved bottled Frappuccinos, and they’ll be available to buy early next year. 

Yep, the signature brew will be available in both vanilla and mocha flavors and, in lieu of milk and cream, will be made with the company’s own brand of almond milk, a nondairy option made with almonds, sugar, water and various thickening agents. The drinks also contain a whopping 35 percent fewer calories than their dairy-infused counterparts. (Not bad if you’re looking for a new way to whittle your daily caloric intake.)

Keep in mind: While the drinks don't contain cow’s milk, they’re made in an environment where dairy products are produced—good to know if you're suffering from a serious dairy allergy.

Still, we’re all for dairy-free ways to down our caffeine.

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