There’s Now a Massage Version of Drybar & We’re Here for It

If there’s no quicker way to confidence than a Drybar blowout, then there’s no easier way to achieve relaxation than Drybar co-founder Alli Webb and former Drybar VP of marketing Brittany Driscoll’s newest endeavor. 

Introducing Squeeze: the seriously easy way to enjoy a quality massage without a massive price tag. Squeeze is the brainchild of the same team that propelled Drybar into the female zeitgeist and it just opened its first location in Studio City, California, this past weekend.

In an interview with PureWow, “massage connoisseurs” Webb and Driscoll detailed their pivot from beauty to self-care and their journey to bring customers a massage that had what Webb calls “a high-end luxurious feel without breaking the bank.”

Seeing a space in the massage market, which includes mom-and-pop shops that’ll serve up an hour massage for $50 but will creep you out and pricey spa options that run $200 plus, they saw an opportunity. And because it’s 2019, Webb and Driscoll were adamant that their new venture include an app component. As Webb aptly pointed out, “No one likes talking on the phone.” True.

Clark Dugger

Squeeze customers can book everything from 20-minute mini massages ($39) to 80-minute experiences ($129) via the Squeeze app. The app asks specific questions about pressure, preferred modality and areas you’d like to focus on.

Massage enthusiasts can even sign up for the member program, which gives you discounts on each massage and excellent perks. The best part? Each subscription provides a day of support for people with disabilities who require a service animal through another “feel good” company called Canine Companions for Independence.

Clark Dugger

When the day of your massage arrives, you just check in, pick your preferred essential oil blend and continue to a private room complete with a portal to choose your music, room temperature and amount of light. There’s even a button that notifies your massage therapist when you’ve hopped on the table and are ready to go. After your massage, there’s no need to check out or pay. It’s all done through the app.

This editor tried it and holy bergamot, it was superb. Not necessarily surprising given the team’s Drybar, but still. 

If that sounds up your alley (J.K., who isn’t interested in feeling more relaxed), then rest assured. Driscoll says they “hope to be a national brand sooner rather than later” thanks to their intention to go the franchise route.

So, whether you’re L.A.-based or not, relaxation is soon to be just a touch away. It’s about time.