Bless My Stars! Spotify Just Launched Cosmic Playlists for Every Zodiac Sign, and Ours Is Spot-On

ICYMI: We're star-crossed in love with all things horoscope, cosmos and zodiac. So when we heard Spotify released a group of zodiac-inspired playlists for each of the 12 star signs, we were all ears. Curated by astrologer Chani Nicholas, the 12 hyper-personalized playlists are located under Spotify's Pop Culture hub (from the "Browse" page).

"Each playlist is informed by Chani’s astrological readings — which determine the particular sign’s theme of the moment — and is accompanied on [the] platform by the reading itself," Spotify said in a statement. The playlists will be updated each month according to that sign's new readings. And we have to say, Libra's playlist has been blasting through our headphones all day...and we're not pausing anytime soon.

Here, the 12 playlists below. Happy listening, star children.