Sophie Turner Was Spotted Wearing These Chunky Summer Sneaks at Least 6 Times in the Last 2 Weeks

Whenever I buy some new article of clothing or adorable pair of shoes, one of two things will happen: Either I will hang it on my closet door to admire for weeks on end, saving it for some "special occasion" that will never actually come, or I will immediately tear the tags off and wear it as many times in a row as I can get away with. It looks like Sophie Turner is part of the latter camp.

Robert Kamau/GC Images

The Game of Thrones actress has been spotted not once, not twice but six times in the same pair of Naked Wolfe sneakers over the course of the past two weeks. It's probably safe to assume she really likes her new kicks.

Turner has been bopping from New York City to London to South Korea to promote her latest project, starring as Jean Grey (aka Dark Phoenix) in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and it looks like these chunky white sneakers have been traveling the globe along with her.

She was first spotted wearing them with a matching white mini shirtdress in New York City while on a double date with her new husband Joe Jonas and her siblings-in-law Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. But it wasn't long before she broke them out again for a dog walk around the city. And then again to a night club in London, on the plane to South Korea get the picture.

Chunky sneakers, or dad sneakers, have been growing in popularity despite their '80s Working Girl associations (and the fact that many people think they're just plain ugly). But we've gotta say, any pair that comes with a multi-day endorsement from Turner must be pretty great (or at the very least incredibly comfy). Who knows, maybe she'll even wear them to her upcoming wedding in France.

The Naked Wolfe kicks are still available in most sizes, and although the $250 price tag isn't exactly chump change, the classic white style is sure to last longer than some of the bolder, brighter chunky sneaks out there.

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