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The Solar Eclipse and Your Pets: Dangerous or Not?

This Monday, we’ll get to see the first total solar eclipse visible to the continental United States in 38 years (or at least a partial look). But as you probably already know, staring at the eclipse can seriously damage your eyes (known as eclipse blindness). This is why everyone’s going crazy trying to get their hands on some eclipse glasses. But what about your beloved pets? Can the eclipse damage their eyes, too? Here’s everything you need to know about the eclipse and your pets.

Yes, the eclipse can damage your pet’s eyes. Just like us, if your dog or cat stares at the sun, they can injure their retinas.

But you don’t need to fret. Why? Well, according to Greg Novacek, a physics instructor at Wichita State University(via, dogs and cats don’t stare directly into the sun; it’s just not in their instinct to do.

Still, you can error on the side of caution if you’re concerned. Worried about Dolly Barkton getting curious? Maybe just keep her inside with a couple of treats and the blinds down.

But if you still want to get her some eclipse glasses to pose for her Instagram following, we can’t blame you. 

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