Simone Biles Shares Stunning Photos of Sunset & Her Swimming Pool

Simone Biles’s backyard deserves its own Pinterest board, based on these brand-new photos.

Earlier this month, the Olympian, 24, offered a never-before-seen glimpse of her swimming pool in a series of pictures and videos on her Instagram Story.


Biles kicked things off by sharing a pic of her dog sleeping on a chair. The background shows the first glimpse of her outdoor space, which features a massive pool that’s surrounded by outdoor furniture. There’s even a Baja step with lounge chairs for a half-in, half-out experience.

The gymnast also posted a Boomerang video that shows another sneak peek at her backyard. While more of the pool can be seen, some of the view is blocked by Biles’s laptop.


Biles finished off with a snapshot of the gorgeous sunset, which is reflected in the pool water. From this view, the backyard has an awning-like structure over another set of lounge chairs. There’s also another Baja shelf, confirming that Biles’s abode is an ideal party spot.


She wrote, “I get the prettiest sunsets from my backyard.”

This isn’t the first time Biles has posted photos of herself lounging by the pool on Instagram. She posted a selfie of herself wearing a strapless American flag-themed bikini (classic). “103° hot as h[e]ll,” she captioned the post, replacing the “e” with a fire emoji. Unfortunately, we don’t know where the pics were taken because it’s not the same pool featured in the latest pics of her house.

If Biles ever needs a pool mate, she knows where to find us.

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