Simone Biles Reveals Her Stunning Pool in Her Latest Instagram Selfie

Simone Biles is enjoying the hot summer sun. And by the looks of her backyard, it seems she’s got the ultimate way to cool off—a gorgeous pool.

Over the weekend, the Olympian posted a selfie wearing a strapless American flag-themed bikini (classic). “103° hot as h[e]ll,” she captioned the post, replacing the “e” with a fire emoji.

And while we love a good makeup-free selfie as much as the next person, we couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to the massive swimming pool—the crystal blue water looks more than inviting. It’s also clear that the backyard has no issue getting sunlight, with only a handful of trees spotted in the distance.

The gold medalist has been sharing a ton of content on social media over the recent summer months. While social distancing, Biles has been keeping herself busy with training, fun TikToks and a handstand challenge that wasn’t really a challenge at all for the 23-year-old gymnast.

Last month, she became “Instagram official” with her new boyfriend, NFL star Jonathan Owens. And in June, Biles shared a never-before-seen gymnastic move on her social media. According to the Olympic Channel, the 25-time world medalist performed a “triple-twisting double back off the balance beam” and, of course, nailed it.

And while we love Biles’s training content, we’re happy to see she’s taking some well-desrved time to relax in that stunning body of water.