This Full-Body Dog Leotard Will Keep Your Pet’s Shedding Hair Contained

You and your pooch are like two peas in a pod, to the point where you're constantly explaining to your friends and family why your black blouse is accessorized with thousands of tiny dog hairs. Don't worry, there's a dog onesie for that.

Enter the Shed Defender, which is basically a skin-tight (sorry, fur-tight) stretchy bodysuit for your four-legged BFF. Aside from making Tiger look like a step aerobics instructor straight out of 1989, it has a few key purposes.

From its name you can gather that the Shed Defender is meant to keep your dog from shedding all over your freshly cleaned floors, sofa, white T-shirt, etc. That trail of hair from your living room to your car? Gone, only to be replaced by a Maltese in a purple onesie.

Aside from that, though, the Shed Defender can replace those medical-grade lampshades often used to prevent scratching and itching; it can act as a barrier from mud, dirt and even ticks; and, according to the brand, it can reduce your pup's anxiety, because the snug fit has a calming effect. (Funny, we feel anything but calm when wearing a skin-tight onesie.)

In case you're thinking, this is cruel and unusual punishment, the Shed Defender is vet-approved and made from a breathable, four-way stretch, eco-friendly mesh fabric. And if you bribe Fido with enough treats, he might not even notice he's wearing a catsuit. (Heh.)