Important: You Can Now Rent a Shake Shack Food Truck

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One of the many perks of living in New York is that you’re never far from the nearest Shake Shack. (Those Concrete cravings are real.) But have you ever found yourself at a friend’s wedding reception and wished you could get your fix without interrupting the festivities? Now you can: The beloved burger chain just unveiled the Shack Truck.

Actually, two trucks: one serving the greater tristate area and another available in and around Atlanta. The mobile eatery can now be booked for private events—weddings, birthdays, retirement parties…the sky’s the limit—and you’ll be able to customize a menu of Shack menu classics (aka ShackBurgers, ’Shroom Burgers, Chick’n Shacks, crinkle fries and shakes).

Pricing will vary based on the specifics of the individual event (like duration and number of guests), but we can all agree that having an abundance of shakes and burgers at your disposal is priceless. The website recommends booking at least two weeks in advance, though we imagine that time frame will get longer once wedding season ramps up…or once word spreads that you can basically have your own personal Shake Shack for an afternoon.

If you’re outside NYC or Atlanta, you’re currently out of luck, but it sounds as though more trucks might be on the way. And given the rate at which the homegrown chain is expanding—it’s up to some 200 Shacks around the world—we have a feeling it won’t be long.

Forget the Champagne toast—our new favorite wedding tradition involves frozen custard.

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