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The Major Person That ‘Serial’ Glossed Over in the ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’
Courtesy of HBO

Now that the first episode of HBO’s docuseries The Case Against Adnan Syed is out, we’re once again consumed with the did-he-didn’t-he Baltimore murder case of Serial fame. And it just so happens that the show is giving us some tidbits that the podcast did not, including one key player: Don.

Flashback to 2014, when Sarah Koenig was lulling us in with her dulcet tones on the podcast’s first season. She mentions Hae Min Lee’s boyfriend at the time of her death, a man named Donald Clinedinst. Lee and Clinedinst met at LensCrafters, where they both worked.

If you don’t remember him at all, it’s because there’s not much to remember from the podcast. Clinedinst was ruled out as a suspect in the case almost immediately, because he had an alibi: He was working at the Hunt Valley LensCrafters at the time of Lee’s disappearance, as confirmed by the location’s general manager. The police focused on Syed instead.

But what the podcast failed to mention (and what the HBO documentary explains in more detail) is that there’s more to Clinedinst’s alibi. The manager who vouched for him? His mom.

Cue the Serial theme music.

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