Venus & Serena Williams Legit Look Like Twins in New IG Pic

Tennis legends Venus Williams and Serena Williams have the strongest sisterly bond.

On Instagram this week, Venus shared a silly snap with her little sister while they dined together in Australia, during their trip abroad for the 2021 Australian Open. Venus wrote, "The Scenes. Big sister acting like the little sister and then me staring at my true love @serenawilliams #sisters."

In the photo, Serena poses in a Gucci sweatshirt and Compton hat while her sibling, Venus, smiles and embraces her in a jacket with striped sleeves. However, it's hard to miss the uncanny resemblance between the duo, who share matching smiles. One fan commented, "Sisterly love. Such cute photos of you two." Another added, "COUPLE GOALS," to which Venus responded, "right?!"

Just two days after sharing the pic, Venus followed up with a throwback photo of herself and Serena at the 2017 Australian open, when Serena won her seventh Australian Open. She captioned the post, "Remember that time @serenawilliams? @australianopen 2017 #tbt."

During her chat with Naomi Campbell on No Filter, Serena opened up about the bond she has with Venus. She said, "For me, I can say for sure that tennis really binds me and Venus together because no one in the world on this planet understands what I go through and it's because she's been there and she's won as many titles as I have. Nobody else has that experience. So for me, it's like a special bond. Yeah we're sisters and we're really close and we've always been really close."

Always inspiring to see these two queens support each other.

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