Savannah Just Revealed Spoilers About ‘Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart’ (No One Tell Chris Harrison)

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Remember when we previously predicted that Julia and Brandon would ditch their partners for each other on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart? Well, it appears we might be right based on these brand-new spoilers.

Contestant Savannah (Brandon’s current partner) recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she discussed this week’s episode. ICYMI: Episode three revolved around Julia trying to sabotage Savannah’s relationship with Brandon, who she still has feelings for.

Ahead of next week’s installment, Savannah confirmed that Julia’s partner, Sheridan, is “blinded by love” and even teased not one, but two breakups in our near future.

“He fell for [Julia], and he saw that it was true emotion. You can see it all over his face, that guy wears his heart on his sleeve, and he just adores her,” she said. “So, it’s hard to know that she was putting on this front.”

Savannah also hinted that she’s no longer with Brandon, adding, “I think Brandon could have done a better job considering me, and I think Julia could have done a better job staying in her lane.”

While discussing Julia’s behavior, Savannah admitted that she didn’t expect Julia to purposely go out of her way to hurt her game. “I was shocked by what Julia was telling me to my face about her strong feelings for Sheridan and her strong disliking for Brandon, and then yet we see all of this unfolding and then her trying to throw me under the bus and then her, in a way, betraying Sheridan,” she explained.

On the bright side, Savannah can use this anger to write a badass revenge song. The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart returns to ABC next Monday, May 4, at 8 p.m.

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