Sarah Jessica Parker Asks Herself This One Question Before Buying Clothes

There’s no denying that Sarah Jessica Parker is a mainstay in the fashion zeitgeist. So what’s the secret to the 54-year-old Sex and the City alum’s seemingly endless closet? Parker revealed that she abides by only one rule when it comes to shopping and it may totally surprise you.

“I think about sustainability for myself and for my children—my daughters and my son,” Parker told at the Re:Style debut of the Hyundai x Zero + Maria Cornejo capsule collection. “There was a documentary I watched about three or four summers ago. It’s called The True Cost. It was really illuminating about fast fashion and how much waste we’re all creating and how much we toss.”

So, when the Divorce star shops, she asks herself, “Is this a piece I want to have 10 or 15 years from now?” If so, SJP will buy it. Parker put her money where her mouth is at the event, wearing a jumpsuit with leather pockets made from upcycled car seats from a repurposed Hyundai. Brilliant, right?

She went on to explain that this shopping paradigm extends to her children. “Almost 100% of my son’s T-shirts are used. And he buys a lot of his items at thrift shops…My daughters all wear hand-me-downs…We’ve been passing down clothes in my family for almost three generations.” To the surprise of no one, Parker was thinking about sustainability even before it was cool. She is, after all, a natural trendsetter.

However, there’s one exception to her sustainable fashion rule and it’s—wait for it—workout pants. Parker admits that her kids wear through athleisure quickly and since it’s difficult to find used options, she typically buys them new ones.

The more you know…

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