Wait, SJP and Cynthia Nixon Were in a TV Movie Together as Teenagers?!

Well, we didn't see this one coming.

Apparently Sex and the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon acted in a project together long before they were ever best friends on their smash HBO series. This revelation was made by The Cut, who posted a slideshow on Instagram with the caption, “Good morning. Happy Sunday, pleased to announce that we are never not thinking about this.”

In the first image, a young SJP and Nixon are seen standing next to each other in a still from a movie, while the second pic was taken from the upcoming reboot of Sex and the City, titled, And Just Like That...

Of course, the minute we saw the first image, we were dying to know where it was taken. Luckily, Nixon turned to the comments to fill in the blanks. “Good morning! @sarahjessicaparker has been one of my favorite acting partners for more than 40 years!” she said. “We are here at 13 and 14 playing Vanessa Redgrave’s daughters in a TV movie called My Body My Child, but we met even earlier recording Little House in the Big Woods on vinyl! (She was Laura, I was Mary) Anyone out there have a copy of the record or a photo of the recording session? I wish I did!”

Sarah Jessica Parker added in her input as well. “@cynthiaenixon spot on recollection @cynthiaenixon (one of my most favorite acting partners for more than 40 years!!!) And original title of that movie of the week was 'The Lilac Season.' I too wish I had a copy of that record or some photo memorializing our 1st collaboration. I always say, if my mother doesn't have it, it likely doesn't exist. Ah well. The memories of all my time with you sustains me. See you tomorrow at dawn for @justlikethatmax.”

While the actresses have clearly been working together for a very long time, it seems they're not sick of each other yet. The two are currently filming the episodes for And Just Like That... and Parker shared a picture with Nixon and their co-star, Kristin Davis, and said, “Together again. ♥ Read through our first episodes. @justlikethatmax Alongside all the fellas and our newest cast members. Like an ice cream sundae.”

While we wait for the reboot to premiere, we're gonna have to go hunting for this TV movie.

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