Sarah Grey Shares Details About That Shocking ‘The Order’ Finale

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Sarah Grey just opened up about that shocking season two finale of The Order and confirmed there’s still a chance her character, Alyssa Drake, may return for more.

PureWow sat down for a recent interview with the 24-year-old actress, who shared exclusive details about the popular Netflix series. While discussing the latest season (which premiered last month), Grey admitted that even she was surprised by the outcome.

“As soon as I read that scene where Jack [Jake Manley] was cheerleading, and Gabrielle [Louriza Tronco] was coaching, I knew we’d be in for a treat,” she told PureWow. “They completely expanded on everything that we loved from season one, so it was always exciting to find out where it was going.”

Although (spoiler alert!) Alyssa was killed in the season two finale, Grey hinted that anything is possible when it comes to The Order. “I have no idea what will be happening in season three,” she added. “But it’s still a magic show, so you never know!”

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed The Order (at least not yet). However, Grey revealed that she’s hopeful—if everyone tunes in, that is. “We haven’t heard the news yet,” she said. “So, everybody keep watching, and we can get our season three!”

While discussing her character, Grey admitted that she thoroughly enjoys playing Alyssa, since she also has a go-getter personality. “Alyssa is a really intelligent, driven and caring person,” Grey explained. “I’d say Alyssa is a bit more type A in the way that she carries herself, but I share her worry for wanting to do the right thing, and her concern for others. Oh, and we both love magic!”

If you need us, we’ll be crossing our fingers for a season three renewal.

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