I Tried Sachajuan's Dry Shampoo Mousse and It Changed My Outlook on Second-Day Hair

As someone with ultra-fine hair, I can’t go more than a day sans shampoo without looking like an oil slick incarnate. And while convenient in theory, I’ve always found the powdery residue and gritty feel of dry shampoo an unappealing alternative to daily washes. So when I was given the new Dry Shampoo Mousse from Swedish hair care brand Sachajuan to try, I was skeptical—but intrigued.

Whereas typical dry shampoos are a sprayable, oil-absorbing powder, the Sachajuan product is a lightweight foam. That eliminated my concern of looking like I doused my head in baby powder, but I’d previously tried a similar dry shampoo foam to no avail. (The results were very “dirty wet dog.”) But where the Sachajuan product really differs is in its fast-drying and—get this—residue-free formula. According to the brand, it actually removes product build-up and residue. So I set aside a weekday morning to put it to the test.

Waking up 20 minutes later than usual (so I couldn’t trick myself into a wash), I dispensed the airy mousse into my palm and worked it into my second-day roots. It was wet but not sopping and in less than five minutes, was dry enough to brush through. And my strands felt clean—not fake-clean, but CLEAN. Soft and fluffy. I have no idea how it works its magic, but trust me when I say there was no gritty residue (visible or otherwise) and no grease.

When my sample runs out, you can bet I’ll be shelling out the $35 for a new can. Why? Because finally, I can be one of those people who brags about how infrequently they wash their hair.