Ryan Seacrest Just Gave Kelly Ripa a Really, Really Unusual Gift

Kelly Ripa’s birthday might have been weeks ago, but she’s still receiving presents from co-host and close pal Ryan Seacrest.

On Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the 45-year-old American Idol alum gifted Ripa with a quite unusual accessory—a handbag in the shape of a giant hen (we’re talking face, beak and all). “Everybody's talking about it. Everybody wants one. They're hard to get," he quipped as he presented her with the gift.

Ripa was highly amused by the present (which was supposed to come in time for her 50th birthday). According to Seacrest, “The rubber purse is the most coveted accessory on the market,” and has received “mostly five-stars.” Although “it’s not brand-new, it's having a huge moment right now—making a comeback.” And we couldn’t help but notice that the rubber accessory matched her Gucci red tiger ruffle blouse (way to go, Ryan).

As it turns out, the TV host was not kidding around when he said it was hard to come by. Although the bag was currently available on Amazon, retailing for $50, it is officially sold out. Hopefully, it will be back in stock before Thanksgiving...

hen bag

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that the trendy bag has its own Instagram account, called @thechickenpurse. Yes, we followed it.

So, while it isn’t exactly a Birkin bag that Seacrest originally teased, we think Kelly loves this one just as much (if not more).