Ryan Phillippe Poses for Steamy Photoshoot & Gets Real About His ‘Defeating’ Workout Results

Ryan Phillippe was first deemed a heartthrob back in the ‘90s, when he starred in hit movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions. But to this day, the 47-year-old actor has maintained his swoonworthy status.

Although Paul Rudd was crowned this year's ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine, Phillippe was still featured in the publication's special edition that highlights some of Hollywood's sexiest stars.

People shared an exclusive interview with the actor on their Instagram account, where we get a glimpse behind the scenes of Phillippe's steamy photo shoot. During the video, Phillippe talks about his workout routine, saying, “It's a lot of hard work. The older you get, it's like law of diminishing returns, right? It's like you got to work harder in the gym for fewer results.”

Phillippe also discussed working out with his son, Deacon (18). He laughed and said, “Oftentimes, like I've trained my son, and we'll do the same workout, and the way he looks after it, compared to the way I look, is really defeating.”

But Phillippe revealed working out with Deacon is a good motivator, saying, “I'll work out with my son a lot, so he's 18, I'm 47. It really pushes me to try to keep up with an 18-year-old.”

The Big Sky star is often seen hanging out with his son on Instagram. He tends to document their many hangouts together, which include mountain hikes and outdoor swims. In October of last year, the pair posed for a photo on the Ryan Mountain Trail in Joshua Tree National Park.

Of course, when he's not posting photos with his children, Phillippe will sometimes use his account to post his own thirst traps, as well.

Maybe next year Ryan will take the crown.

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