Ryan Heffington's Instagram Live Dance Party Is the Celeb-Approved Workout We Need Right Now

At the moment, everyone's looking for either a) a method for staying fit, b) a trick to feel energized or c) a way not to spiral downward into a fearful morass of doom and gloom. The quickest way to achieve d) all of the above? The daily Ryan Heffington Sweatfest on Instagram Live. This free hour-long class starts with a 15-minute warmup followed by 45 minutes of easy-to-follow, disco-inflected dance steps, all demonstrated by Heffington with a breathless, infectious grin. The virtual workout is endorsed by celebs like Reese Witherspoon and features guest appearances by big stars like Emma Stone. Here's a little bit about why this fitness class is the one you need to tune in to pronto.

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You'll Get to Dance With a Celebrity

Heffington's dance classes often welcome celebrity guests, who share a split screen from wherever they are, while Heffington leads the class from his California desert home. It's no wonder he's got all the celeb pull, because he's known for his high-profile musical and commercial successes, including choreographing Sia's Chandelier video. (Next up, he's collaborating with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andrew Garfield for Netflix.) On a recent weekday, he was joined by Margaret Qualley, the dancer and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress who he worked with in a Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo World fragrance advertisement. Emma Stone is another recent dance party attendee—she met Heffington when they did a short film set on the QE II cruise ship.

Reese Witherspoon is a Big Fan

On a recent video chat with J.Lo, Witherspoon mentioned she and her family have been hitting Heffington's dance party. It makes sense this workout would appeal to the whole fam (kids included) since the bald, gangly dancer is as goofy as he is graceful, and playfulness is his trademark. So while he'll lead participants through a quick warmup that's got satisfying stretches and bends, when the dancing starts, he's more focused on simple steps repeated with smiles and enthusiasm, not on barking out complicated combinations. Paired with thumping club music and his campy predilection for fanciful costumes (a sequin vest, say, or a wig), Sweatfest is more like a preschool play sesh than a tense dance lesson. (Oh, and another Witherspoon connection? Heffington was one of the dancers in the iconic "Bend & Snap" scene from Legally Blonde.)

His Classes Help Support His Los Angeles Dance Studio

So, why is a famous hoofer-choreographer huffing and puffing for the masses on Instagram Live? Though Heffington is offering the classes for free, he's also accepting donations to help support his dance studio, The Sweat Spot, located in the Silverlake section of Los Angeles. During a recent class, he mentioned his Venmo address briefly while thousands of watcher-participants sent their greetings from as far and Peru and Russia. As Heffington called out moves like "Used Car Lot Inflatable" and the "Pretty Pony," donations came in. So if you're looking for a workout that is easy-to-follow, energizing and happy-making, this is the virtual sweat session for you.

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