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Sure, Ryan Gosling is a perfect male specimen, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to breaking character on live TV.

Over the weekend, Gosling hosted the season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live and proved even the most seasoned and beloved actors occasionally suffer from a case of the giggles while on the job. During a few of the live sketches, the La La Land star struggled to contain his laughter (à la Jimmy Fallon) and caused the other actors to follow suit. 

While this is nothing new for Gosling (he famously broke character multiple times while hosting the show back in 2015), we can’t get enough of the actor’s struggle to keep a straight face. Here, all the times Gosling lost his cool during the season 43 premiere episode of SNL.

1. The Opening Monologue

It all began in the opening monologue when Gosling struggled to keep it together while mocking his portrayal of Sebastian in La La Land.

2. The ‘Dive Bar’ Sketch

Then Gosling channeled his inner Sebastian and played a can’t-stop-smirking flute player in the “Dive Bar” sketch.

3. ‘Another Close Encounter’

If you loved Gosling’s hilarious “Close Encounter” sketch back in 2015, then you’re going to love the much-anticipated sequel, “Another Close Encounter.”

4. ‘Henrietta & the Fugitive’

Then there was Aidy Bryant as Henrietta the chicken. Enough said.

5. ‘Italian Restaurant’

And last (but definitely not least), Gosling just couldn’t keep it together during a skit where an authentic Italian meal is secretly replaced with Pizza Hut pasta. Classic mix-up.

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