The Internet Is Losing It Because Ross Geller Is More Ross Geller with a Nicholas Cage Face Swap

Today in weird internet news: You may have noticed your newsfeed currently obsessing over a photo of Ross Geller (played by David Schwimmer on Friends), but look closely...

Yep, somebody swapped Ross Geller’s face with Nicholas Cage’s…and he looks even MORE like Ross Geller. How is this possible? Also, has anyone actually seen Schwimmer and Cage in the same room before? We need answers.

Predictably, Friends fans (and, maybe some National Treasure fans? Who knows?) were mind blown.

Just us, or is it weird that Ross was a paleontology professor obsessed with dino excavations on Friends, and Ben Gates is a historian obsessed with treasure excavation on National Treasure? No? Just us?

OK, Ross Cage it is, then. And that's enough internet for the week, we think.