Rose Quartz Lattes Are the New Matcha Lattes (and They’re Just as Pretty as They Sound)

Chai lattes, matcha lattes, golden mylk lattes…we could go on, but rose quartz lattes have completely stopped us in our tracks.

We recently discovered the beautiful beverages in Mafalda Pinto Leite’s new cookbook Radiant: The Cookbook.

Made with coconut milk, fresh beet juice, cacao butter, raw honey and raw vanilla powder, the pretty pink beverages are fragrantly floral. Granted, we don’t exactly keep all of those ingredients stocked in our pantry, but a little trip over to good ol’ Amazon will fix that little problem in no time.

Leite explains that the beverage’s ingredients have roots in Ayurvedic cooking, which comes as no surprise to us, given that the ancient Indian practice of healing your body with food has gone mainstream.

“Widely used in Ayurveda to calm and tame inflammation within the body and mind, roses are soothing antidotes to the physical stresses of everyday living,” she said. “Due to its cleansing properties, rose water and petals support the liver in its never-ending quest to facilitate detoxification and serve as a gentle diuretic, promoting healthy and regular elimination.”

And whipping one up is beyond easy: Just gently warm all of the ingredients over the stove and whirl them up in your blender for light and frothy results. Check out the full recipe here (and please make us one too).

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