Robb Stark Wore a Kilt to Kit Harington's Wedding, and Are There Dragons Nearby or Is It Just Hot in Here?

He can be our King in the North whenever he wants, because the man can rock a kilt like no other.

We’re talking about Richard Madden (who played Robb Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones…R.I.P.). The 32-year-old actor wore a traditional Scottish kilt to the wedding of GoT co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in Scotland this weekend.

We need all the old gods and the new to revive us because the actor is as beautiful a man-skirt-wearing specimen as they come. And we all know Madden’s character, Robb Stark, has had some unfortunate luck when it comes to weddings, so this truly took a set of iron ~thrones~ to wear such a risky ensemble (since the traditional Scottish way to wear a kilt requires no undergarments).

Who knows? Maybe Robb Stark would still be around on GoT if he’d taken such impressive fashion risks…

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