‘The Real Housewives of New York’ Season 10 Episode 18: The Diarrhea Runneth Over

We’re back in New York after Cartagena, and we’re tying up loose ends, returning to story lines we touched on earlier in the season—Ramona’s skin care line, Bethenny’s apartment, Sonja’s slippers. But one thing from Colombia isn’t going away: the runs. 

And they can’t stop talking about it. It’s the conversation piece as they walk through Ramona’s new “catalogue,” “missing a trim piece” (BURN, COUNTESS, BURN) apartment. They’re calling each other if they take a normal “one.” And best of all, we learn that Sonja wore a diaper. Well, that’s misleading. We learn that, yes, she wore a diaper (or many a) diaper traveling from Carta back to the States, but she implied (heavily) that this is a thing she…just does. She spoke about it as casually as one would talk about glasses, “Glasses are great! They help me see!” 

Can you imagine how absolutely thrilled you would be to sit next to Sonja Tremont Morgan and her dogs on the Jitney? You’re talking shoes, anal, probably some behind-the-scenes gossip as you slowly realize that that Porta Potty smell you’re whiffing isn’t coming from the bathroom…and it ain’t coming from the dogs…it’s COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! 

Before you email me all upset that I’m making fun of adult diapers, let us remember: This is a woman who, in the next episode, reveals on stage she is not wearing underwear. Sonja is famously never wearing underwear. It was her season six tagline, “Sometimes Sonja has to go commando, what can I say?” So to leap from commando to a pair that is not only highly bulky but also absorbs your waste renders me speechless. Actually…the more I think about it, it all makes perfect sense for Sonja.  

I love her. I love her so much. She is the light in this dark tunnel we need, and she just keeps surprising us! Reminding us she went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and actually knows stuff about fashion, sharing her love for prison shows! (Please email me if you know which prison shows she’s watching based on the fact they kill people in the washing machines?) I love the way she gives monikers to her lovers: Mr. Watch TV. And I love that she thinks that finally not caring about what people think has anything to do with the upscale rental market in New York City. Lower the price, Sonja. 

In non-Sonja news (OMG, and how she brought her shoes to Ramona’s party!! I love), Bethenny is rich, Adam needs speech therapy (breathe from your diaphragm, dude), and Carole is co-hosting some athleisure party with Cosmopolitan for her article? I think? I don’t know. I love how Tinsley comes to play in her fun outfit even after Carole slapped her with the strangest armchair therapist remark, something like, “You didn’t react enough on the boat because you’ve been in abusive relationships.” It. Was. So. Weird. It almost felt like Carole was trying to throw Tinsley a story line bone. But Tinsley was not up for it and clearly got over it.  

Meanwhile, watching the pairs of Bethenny/Sonja and Carole/Tinsley it’s become so clear: Bethenny and Carole traded each other in for something light and carefree. It’s like they’re both your dad’s rich friend who had a midlife crisis and married the babysitter. 

And finally: Dorinda. Dorinda was absolutely radiant this episode. And I mean purely physically (her inner world seems gnarled and confused at the moment). How she glowed in Bethenny’s new apartment. How her hair feathered so perfectly at Ramona’s party. And that bodysuit? Gotta say: Diarrhea looks great on Dorinda.