Who Would Retta Spend a ‘Parks & Rec’ Treat Yo Self Day With? You May Be Surprised

As Donna on Parks and Recreation, Retta was unabashed about enjoying the finer things in life (her Benz, her lake house and her annual Treat Yo Self Day). So, it’s no surprise that in real life, Retta, who loves coffee so much she became International Delight’s first-ever Creamerista earlier this year, knows how to pamper herself.

When we chatted with the 49-year-old Good Girls star about her new Creamerista gig and the third season of her hit NBC series—it premieres Sunday, people!—, we had to ask: Which co-star, past or present, would she like to enjoy a Treat Yo Self Day with? The answer may surprise you. (For those unfamiliar, Treat Yo Self Day is 24 hours that Retta’s and Aziz Ansari’s Parks and Rec characters took to indulge their most extravagant whims with clothes, cars, spa treatments and more.)

After thinking about it for a moment, Retta replied, “I spend a lot of time with Mae [Whitman] and Christina [Hendricks] and Christina and I have very similar taste when it comes to shopping.”

“Christina would probably be my favorite in that she will encourage any kind of spending and vice versa. We are forever on the Real Real app, asking each other, ‘Should I buy this?’ ‘Absolutely, yes. You should buy it. You deserve it.’ And I don’t know why we even bother trying to convince each other anymore because we’re gonna buy it. If we like it, we’re going to buy it.” Amen.

As Retta would say, “Treat yo self.”

Good Girls returns to NBC Sunday, February 16, at 10/9 c.

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