This Dad Created an App That Locks Your Teenager’s Phone Until They Answer Your Texts

You gave your kid a smartphone so it’s easier to keep tabs on her. But lo and behold, even with the ability to text in her pocket, she still gets distracted and goes MIA, sending you into crazy-mom-freakout mode.

Leave it to Dad of the Year Nick Herbert to come up with a brilliant fix in the form of an app.

It’s called ReplyASAP and, basically, it freezes your kid’s phone—and sounds an alarm if the phone is on silent mode—essentially forcing your teenager to stop what they’re doing and reply to their worried parents if they want to regain access to their device. (FYI, right now it’s only available on Android, but an iOS version is coming soon.)

Over the top? Maybe a little. But if you’ve sent them 17 “where are you??” texts to no avail, drastic measures may be in order. (If an embarrassing alarm sounded by their parents doesn’t get them to reply in seconds, nothing will.)