Rami Malek and Pete Davidson Made Us Realize How Much They Look Alike with New ‘SNL’ Skit

There's this term in psychology called the Stroop Effect that explains why, for example, your mind gets delayed reading the word “red” when it's printed in yellow, because you're not sure which color to say. Well, that is exactly how we felt watching Rami Malek and Pete Davidson play each other in a skit on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live.

In the sketch, titled “Celeb School Game Show,” guest host Malek starred alongside Davidson and other cast members, who portrayed famous actors ranging from George Takei (Star Trek) to Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus).

The made-up game show depicted celebrities helping two contestants answer various trivia questions, and we couldn't get over how spot-on the impressions were. But it was even better to watch Malek and Davidson switch places, because we were shocked at how much the two actors look alike.

In the clip, the host of the fictional game show (played by Kenan Thompson) introduces the celebrity guests, eventually landing on Pete Davidson (portrayed by Malek), who says, “What up? What up, yo?” Malek is seen wearing a baggy blue-and-white sweatshirt, along with a bleach blonde wig to match Davidson's current hairstyle. “Do I have to sit next to Rami Malek?” He asks. “I mean—his eyes are freaking me out. Like dude...stop staring at me, man.”

Then, Davidson (who sports a black sweater vest over a white button-up) says, “I'm sorry, it's just that people say we look alike, maybe...I don't see it. Maybe if I look a little longer.” To which Malek replies, “Nooo, dude.” But the longer these two played each other, the more our minds started mixing them up.

This was Malek's first time hosting SNL, and the “Celeb School Game Show” was certainly one of the highlights of his episode.

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