Rami Malek Is Set to Play a Key Role in ‘Bond 25’

Rami Malek is taking on a brand-new role, and it’s a complete 180 from Freddie Mercury.

The Bohemian Rhapsody star, 37, is set to play the latest villain in Bond 25. The franchise announced the news earlier today during a press conference, and while Malek wasn’t able to attend, the actor confirmed his involvement in a promo video.

In the clip, Malek reveals that he’s stuck in New York filming, which is why he couldn’t be there for the announcement. The actor goes on to tease fans about what’s to come, saying, “I’m very much looking forward to joining the whole cast and crew very soon, and I promise you all I will be making sure Mr. Bond does not have an easy ride of it in this.” 

Although we don’t know any further details about Malek’s role, Bond 25 is being touted as Daniel Craig’s last time playing his iconic character, so it’s a pretty big deal.

The announcement should come as no surprise, considering rumors started circulating back in December. Although Malek originally had a conflict due to his filming schedule for Mr. Robot, that all changed when the release date for Bond 25 was delayed. The actor reportedly negotiated a deal that works for both projects, and we’re so glad he did.

In addition to Craig, Malek is joining a star-studded cast, including Léa Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes, Lashana Lynch, Billy Magnussen and Ana De Armas.

Next Oscar-worthy role? Check. Bond 25 will hit theaters on April 8, 2020.

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