Twitter Said Mrs. Maisel Is a Bad Mom, So Rachel Brosnahan Tweeted This Super Thoughtful Response

Rachel Brosnahan had the best response when fans called Mrs. Maisel a “terrible mom.”

Earlier this week, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star, 28, shut down critics on Twitter who dissed her character, Miriam or “Midge,” for ignoring her two children, Ethan (played by twins Nunzio Pascale and Matteo Pascale) and Esther (played by twins Cadence Magura and Kiera Magura).

It all started when one user questioned Midge’s intentions in season two of the Amazon series, claiming the writers are making her a low-key antagonist. It read, “I agree, and I GET what the show/writer’s/etc. are trying to convey BUT it doesn’t change the fact that as a viewer we can’t sit and say to the tv ‘love her, but she’s a terrible mom!!’”

When Brosnahan caught wind of the discussion, she politely explained that the only reason Midge is receiving criticism is because she’s a woman.

Of course, the actress’s Twitter immediately blew up with words of praise. When one user encouraged others to think outside of the box, writing, “Midge might be spending time with their children ‘off camera,’ and we simply are not there to witness it. Because that would be mortally boring…”

Brosnahan confirmed that fans shouldn’t be concerned with Midge’s extracurricular activities, saying, “She definitely is. But her life as a mother is not the primary focus of our story.”

And the “Clapback of the Year” award goes to…

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