Thanks to ‘Queer Eye,’ the Jones Sisters Sold More Than $75,000 Worth of BBQ Sauce in Just One Weekend

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve already binged season three of Queer Eye. The hit Netflix show dropped over the weekend and henny, it is good.

Two of our favorite heroes are Mary and Deborah Jones (aka Little and Shorty) of Jones Bar-B-Q from episode three. The sisters are among the few female BBQ pit masters in the game and needed the Fab Five to help them come up with a plan to grow and market their business while still making time to care for themselves. And—no surprise—the gang definitely delivered.

Posting on Instagram earlier this week, the Jones sister revealed that their business skyrocketed after the show premiered. In fact, they sold more than $75,000 worth of sauce in just one weekend.

The sisters captioned a snap of their tasty sauce: “Let’s talk about the sauce. As of yesterday morning, we sold 11,000 bottles. We averaged 1.7 bottles per minute this weekend. We are feeling so much love and support from all of you.”

With each 15-ounce bottle selling at $6.99 each, the duo raked in a staggering $76,890 in just one weekend. Yaas, queens!

Made with ketchup, brown sugar and a number of secret ingredients, you can get in on the action and order yourself some of the special BBQ sauce here (just be patient while the sisters work through all of their orders).

Honestly, is there anything the Fab Five can’t do? (Answer: No.)