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We’ve watched The Crown three times, own no fewer than four Kate Middleton outfits and know more than a few trivia facts about Queen Elizabeth II. But when the royal family pulled back the velvet curtain and allowed an intimate look inside the queen’s life and legacy in the HBO documentary Queen of the World, which premiered last night, even we were surprised. Here, seven major takeaways from the doc.  

Queen Elizabeth in tiara
Michael Ukas/ Pool /Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II's Reign Spans Far and Wide (Like, Seriously)

HBO wasn’t being hyperbolic when they titled this doc Queen of the World. Queen Elizabeth, symbolic head of the Commonwealth, rules over 2.4 billion people in 53 nations over six continents (aka almost a third of the world). Oh, did we mention that 60 percent of her subjects are under 30 years old? No wonder the royal family has made such an effort to modernize.

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Meghan and Harry WPA POOL
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle Gave Her Roots (& Queen Elizabeth) a Nod on Her Wedding Day

Not only did Meghan Markle’s veil feature a little something blue and wildflowers from each one of the 53 Commonwealth nations, but Markle also had a California poppy sewn in as an homage to her native state. Her decision to include Commonwealth flowers in her veil was also a tribute to Gan-Gan Elizabeth, who had her coronation gown embroidered with flowers from each nation (then only eight). Not surprisingly, Markle said Queen Elizabeth loved this detail.

Prince Charles with cocktail
Ian Forsyth/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles Is a Potterhead

During a visit to a school in India, Prince Charles revealed that his favorite books are the Harry Potter series. But what house does he most relate to? Our bet’s on Hufflepuff.

Queen Elizabeth s cypher

Royals Don't Make Typos

Ever noticed that Queen Elizabeth’s (full name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) personal monogram, photographed above, includes an “R”? It’s not a typo. The letter stands for “Regina,” which means queen.

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on tour
Tim Graham/Getty Images

Elizabeth Has More Wanderlust than an Instagram Model

Queen Elizabeth’s first royal tour—ya know, the one from The Crown—is still the longest amount of travel undertaken by a reigning monarch. In fact, she was the first monarch to circumvent the world. NBD.

Young Prince Charles Princess Anne
PA Images/Getty Images

And She Passed that Passion for Travel Down to Her Kids

Prince Charles and Princess Anne were the first royals to ride on the royal yacht, Britannia. They traveled on the 412-foot-long vessel to meet their parents on the last leg of their epic inaugural royal tour.

Kate Middleton shaking hands
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Shaking Hands Is Super Time-Consuming

Royal walkabouts (when royals visit with commoners) weren’t a thing until Queen Elizabeth introduced the practice in 1971. Prior to that, citizens only got a glimpse of royals while they rode in cars. Now, as Anne (Princess Royal) explained in the doc, walkabouts have evolved so much that, much to her dismay, they even include handshakes. As the princess pointed out, shaking hands with everyone takes a hella long time. 

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