Ryan Reynolds & Catherine O’Hara Just Got a *Very* Special Shoutout from the Queen

Ryan Reynolds and Catherine O’Hara are celebrating major achievements this week—and Queen Elizabeth has something to say about it.

On Instagram, the official Royal Family account paid tribute to those who were honored at this year’s Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards, including O’Hara, Reynolds and Canadian actress Tantoo Cardinal. On her IG Stories, Her Majesty shared pics of the people who were recognized and wrote, "Congratulations to all of this year's recipients of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards! The awards were given to artists for exceptional work in their fields and/or for their philanthropic work."

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At the virtual ceremony, O’Hara received the Lifetime Achievement Award while Reynolds got the National Arts Centre Award. But Her Majesty wasn't the only one who celebrated their wins.

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theroyalfamily / Instagram

O’Hara received touching tributes from Schitt’s Creek co-stars Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, who said, "Catherine, you are, in a few words or less, one of a kind." Noah Reid also paid tribute with a jazzy rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You”—complete with a collection of O’Hara’s best Schitt’s Creek wigs.

In her acceptance speech, O'Hara said, "If I have managed to contribute anything to the entertainment and culture of Canada, it’s because I was born and raised in this beautiful country to an Irish-Catholic Canadian family, and I was given the great gift of to getting to work with the best Canadian co-stars."

Meanwhile, Reynolds got quite the welcome with an original song by Steven Page, who sang, “They said Bryan Adams was busy / And Nickelback all had to work / They meant to call Drake, but called me by mistake / So you’re stuck with a song by this jerk.”

Canada’s Ambassador for Reconciliation, Dr. Chief Robert Joseph, followed up with a speech, saying, "We are grateful once again that through the generosity of comedians like Ryan, we are able to do this work that brings people together."

The Deadpool star responded, “Wow, that was just stunning. I mean, that made me cry... I guess I've made it.”

Congrats to everyone on their well-deserved medals!

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