Queen Elizabeth's Garden Party Accessories Prove That Even Royals Get Confused About Spring Weather

For all of its blue-skied days, spring weather can be a real doozy. By which we mean, it can go from sunny to torrential downpour in five seconds flat.

Proving that unpredictable weather isn't just a commoner problem, Queen Elizabeth attended the latest Buckingham Palace garden party primed and ready to face all of the elements.

queen elizabeth in blue
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Yep, Her Majesty arrived at the event with sunglasses and an umbrella. Preparation is key.

Accessories aside, the queen looked positively springy in a light blue Stuart Parvin coat (over a pleated floral skirt) and matching hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan.

The garden party is the second in a series of several such events held each year. They're typically hosted by Queen Elizabeth, but are occasionally helmed by other royals like Prince Charles, who hosted the year's first garden party at Buckingham Palace last week. Since she's had a couple recent engagements—including a Royal Windsor Horse Show, meeting new royal great-grandkid Archie and attending a service for The Order of Merit alongside Prince Philip—it's only fitting that she let the Prince of Wales take a few things off her plate for the time being.

The next garden party will take place on May 29, before one in Scotland at the Palace of the Holyroodhouse on July 3.

Among the party's 8,000 guests (per Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English) was Kate Middleton, who looked equally pastel-y in a light pink coatdress by Alexander McQueen (who designed her wedding dress), with a matching fascinator by Juliette Botterill and Princess Diana's pearl earrings.

By the way, it looks like the queen didn't end up having to use the umbrella, but better safe than sorry, right?

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