Queen Elizabeth Just Confessed She Used to Wear ‘Wires’ (Aka Braces)


When it comes to achieving the perfect smile, even members of the royal family need some help. And Queen Elizabeth didn't get that signature smile without some fine-tuning.

On Wednesday, the 93-year-old monarch stepped out to officially open the new premises of the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals at UCLH. At the event, Her Majesty toured the new facility and even met with children who were being fitted for braces.

According to People, while speaking with 10-year-old Ilia Aristovich, Elizabeth revealed that she too had professional help to straighten her teeth. Yup, ladies and gentlemen, the Queen of England had braces like the rest of us.

“I had wires, luckily it was a very long time ago,” she said. “I think it’s worth it in the end.” By the looks of her smile, it definitely seems that way.

And she’s not the only member of the royal family to have “wires.” Prince Harry rocked some metal back in 1999 and royal sisters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie wore braces as teenagers.

During her royal visit, the chief nurse at UCLH told The Telegraph, "She’s a consummate professional, isn’t she? She comes out and does what we all do in the health service—she does the right thing and does her duty for the people she serves."

Always full of surprises that Queen Elizabeth.

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