Puppy Pilates Is Officially the Cutest Workout Trend of All Time

We thought bunny yoga was the epitome of cuteness, but boy were we wrong. Puppy Pilates, the newest adorable animal workout fad, is a thing that exists in Asheville, North Carolina, and we may or may not be moving to the Tar Heel state immediately. 

It all started when Cisco Pilates, a boutique fitness studio, announced a workout class for $10 to benefit the Asheville Humane Society that would include—you guessed it—puppies. The best part? All proceeds went straight back to the Humane Society, and the puppies’ adoption fees were waived so patrons could bring home a new four-legged BFF right after class. 

Of course, the two fund-raising classes immediately sold out, so for now, the videos below will have to suffice. (But we’re keeping our paws crossed for a Puppy Pilates class near us ASAP.)

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