Meet the 2019 Puppy Bowl Contenders

While NFL players are hard at work prepping for Super Bowl LIII, another set of athletes are getting ready to put their best foot paw forward. 

It’s Puppy Bowl XV time and the national fluff league competition is looking fierce. In anticipation of our favorite sporting event of the year, which airs Sunday, February 3, at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT on Animal Planet, let’s take a look at some lineup highlights.

Animal Planet


We’re guessing Queen Elizabeth’s money is on little Clara.

Animal Planet


Just call her the Marvelous Mrs. Maisey.

Animal Planet


A fancy name for a fancy pup. 

Animal Planet


Judging from that serious face, Whitney might just be this year’s MVP.

Animal Planet


She may be tiny, but her competitive streak definitely isn’t.

Animal Planet


Gallagher is more of an “I’ll watch from the sidelines” kind of guy. 

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