What Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’s Body Language Says About Their Relationship, According to an Expert

From their whirlwind romance to their lavish wedding, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s romance seems to have progressed at the speed of light. Still, there’s always more to a relationship than meets the eye. So, PureWow chatted exclusively with nonverbal communications expert, relationship coach and psychotherapist Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC, to dig a little deeper and give us a sense of what the couple’s relationship is like behind the scenes. Spoiler alert: It was insightful as hell.


They’re Excited For What’s To Come

Taken in June, this pic was snapped the month before the couple announced their engagement. Coleman explains that Jonas licking his lips “is a signal of anticipating something that is desired,” and Chopra leaning toward him is a demonstration of “where her focus and thought are.” Simply put, they’re crazy about each other.

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They Have Major Chemistry

You can’t hide chemistry, and Coleman says these two definitely have it. “This shot demonstrates interest, attraction, and hints at a shared feeling or secret. Their eye contact is intense and steady, each has at least one hand on the other,” she reasoned. Could that secret be the wedding they were planning when this photo was taken at the Ralph Lauren fashion show on September 7?

Coleman continued to explain how this translates into um, the bedroom: “They are facing one another and Nick’s legs are apart, which is a sign of confidence, dominance, fertility and thoughts of sex. Her smile is more open and full face, but his hints at something secret between them.” Do tell, Nick.

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But They Still Have Ups & Downs

Even the most passionate relationships have their off days, which is exactly what Coleman says was happening in this photo.

“This shot is very different from the others,” she shared. “There is a lot of distance between them, though they are reaching out to one another, and he is leaning toward her in a gesture that says he wants to get closer. Priyanka on the other hand looks like she is very slightly leaning away from him. Both have serious facial and eye expressions.”

So what’s going on? Nothing too out of the norm. As Coleman said, “It looks like a tense moment during a bad day or after a difficult exchange between them. They are demonstrating that they want to keep some connection, but there is clearly distance right now.” It happens to the best of us.

Their Bond Is Strong

Coleman explained, “Wedding photos are obviously staged. However, in this picture, Priyanka and Nick are slightly facing one another instead of facing outward toward the camera. This says their focus is on one another, and that even among a crowd it is the two of them that share this one special space.” (Aww.)

She went on to say that the placement of Chopra’s head “shows trust and her desire to be as close as possible,” and the position of their hands communicates that “they feel completely connected to one another in this moment.”

They Want Even More Of Each Other

After walking down the aisle together, it’s clear they want to spend the rest of their lives together, but Coleman says it goes even deep than that.

“Chopra is completely focused on Jonas. Her hands are on his arm and her body is turned slightly toward him. It even looks like her right foot is pointing toward him—which says this is where she wants to go,” she said. “He is kissing her palm, which is a deeply sensual and intimate gesture that says I want more of you.” Swoon.

They Love Pda As Much As Pals Meghan & Harry

Coleman says even though wedding photos aren’t especially candid, there’s a “special intimacy” to theirs. She explained, “Their faces are just barely touching as Jonas leans slightly toward Chopra, staring into her face. Her eyes appear to be looking at his mouth, which is a sensual gesture indicating a desire to kiss him and be intimate with him.”

But that’s not all. She went on to say, “Their legs also appear to overlap on one side, helping them to be as close and connected as possible—which is saying they see themselves as one.” Cue the Spice Girls song “When Two Become One.”