Priyanka Chopra Jonas Reveals a Never-Before-Heard Detail About Her Wedding to Nick Jonas

Believe it or not, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas are coming up on a year of marriage. (My, how time flies.)

When we caught up with the 37-year-old The Sky Is Pink star to learn about her new involvement in the Pilot Pen 2018 G2 Overachievers Grant selection, we couldn’t help but ask how life as Mrs. Chopra Jonas is.

The actress and philanthropist happily shared, “It’s been wonderful, surprising and absolutely fulfilling in every way it should be.”

She went on to recall how her partnership with Pilot was actually kind of fortuitous since she says the pen was “a big part of my wedding.”

“We had this big tree of life in the middle of my wedding, where people could write cards for me because I love handwritten stuff. They could write cards for us and hang it on the tree, and they were all written with the Pilot,” Chopra Jonas explained.

This is the first time she’s opened up about this meaningful wedding reception detail and now we kind of want to borrow it.

Chopra Jonas went on to muse that marriage has made her feel, “a lot calmer.”

“Nick is an extremely calm, stable, solid person. I can freak out sometimes when I get stressed, but he’s really brought out a calmness in me that I didn’t know I had,” she admitted.

Now that the “I do”s have been exchanged, Chopra Jonas has been doubling down on work and philanthropic causes, one of them being her role in hand selecting the 2018 G2 Overachievers Grant and G2 Overachievers Student Grant winners alongside Pilot Pen.

“I do consider myself an overachiever and am proud of it, actually. I try and see it in a positive light. I always try and set really high standards for myself and do more than I need to because I want to go places that are more evolved. It’s the same thing with the winners of this Overachievers Grant,” she said of her own propensity toward overachieving.

Chopra Jonas explained the grant entrants as, “People who are going above and beyond their nine-to-five roles to make a difference in the lives of others, which they don’t need to do, but they’re doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. That is something that needs to be celebrated because the more people that do that, it makes the world better.”

Ultimately, Chopra Jonas and Pilot Pen named Greg Thorpe as the proud recipient of the 2018 G2 Overachievers Grant and Ian McKenna as the 2018 G2 Student Grant winner. Thorpe is being awarded with a $50,000 Grant for his JUST-a-BREAK foundation, which was born out of a tragedy in Thorpe’s life. When his wife, Jen, was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer, they began treatment and found solace in purchasing small gifts for nurses to anonymously give to other patients’ families. Their mission has grown and now, with his 2018 G2 Overachievers Grant, Thorpe hopes to start chapters of his charity in every state.

McKenna, on the other hand, is a 14-year-old Texas high school student who started Ian’s Giving Garden, a network of community gardens that donate all of their crops to families in need. McKenna’s endeavor allows families access to fresh fruits and vegetables. To date, the initiative has helped feed more than 700 families and has donated 18,3000 pounds of fresh produce. With his Overachievers Grant, McKenna will put $12,500 toward his college education so he can make a greater impact on the issue of hunger, and the remaining $2,500 will go to his school’s mission to foster overachievement and impactful ideas.

In 2019, Chopra Jonas is continuing her Pilot Pen mission to recognize Overachievers with a $100,000 grant to someone who has made measurable strides toward betterment in their community and a $15,000 student grant. Submissions are open now on the G2 Overachievers website through December 31, 2019.

Between dreaming up one-of-a-kind wedding deals and making a difference in people’s lives, Chopra Jonas can definitely be classified as the best kind of overachiever.

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