Princess Diana Used *This* Style Hack to Make Sure She Looked Fabulous in Public

Before there were mirror selfies, Princess Diana had another way of making sure each of her royal ensembles was up to par. And William Ivey Long is giving us all of the deets.

Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie recently sat down with the “Diana: A True Musical Story” costume designer to discuss a variety of the princess’s best looks. During the chat, Long revealed one of Diana’s style hacks, which she used to ensure that she looked her best during every outing. The secret? Videotaping herself in each ensemble and watching it back.

“It's so modern,” Long said. “What Princess Diana did was she had herself videoed by an assistant walking through a door. What did she look like as the door opened? How does the frame look?”

However, it wasn’t just about how each of the outfits looked on her body. The Princess of Wales also needed to make sure that she knew how to work all of her best angles and features.

“It was also to get the details, like turning the head. Because everyone has a better side (everyone knows that),” he continued. “Princess Diana had different sides. Also sometimes she would switch shoulders when she did an off the shoulder. She wants to see what the photographers are going to see.” Genius.

We’re not surprised Di put so much time and effort into perfecting all of her looks. It clearly paid off.