*These* Will Be Prince William and Kate Middleton’s New Royal Titles When Prince Charles Is King

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It’s been three years since Queen Elizabeth officially named her son, Prince Charles, as her successor to the throne, and we’re still wondering how this ascension would change everything for the rest of the fam. After doing some digging, we’re here to tell you that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official titles could soon change if and when Prince Charles takes the throne as king.

According to Readers Digest, when the Prince of Wales becomes king, the 38-year-old royal will take on new titles, including the traditional king-in-waiting. Of course, new titles for Will also means new titles for his wife, Kate.

Back in 2018, to Hello! magazine, royal expert Marlene Koenig let us in on a little secret: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also most likely add “Cornwall” to that title, just as Prince Charles and Camilla currently hold. William’s father will pass the title to his son, and Camilla (who would become Princess Consort) will pass it down to Middleton. So, it would be “Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall.” Whoa, that’s quite the monogram.

But that’s not all. At the queen’s discretion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may also inherit the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales, since those are usually reserved for next in line to the throne. Sound familiar? It’s probably because it was Princess Diana’s title and hasn’t been used since passing out of respect. But should the queen approve, Kate Middleton will be the next Princess of Wales following in her late MIL’s footsteps (and William the next Prince of Wales), and we couldn’t think of a more worthy candidate for such a significant distinction.

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