Prince William Met Bradley Cooper and Said Exactly What We’re All Thinking

Prince William attended the BAFTA Awards with Kate Middleton (who paid a lovely tribute to Princess Diana) on Sunday, where they rubbed shoulders with Hollywood’s elite. 

One of the superstar attendees? Bradley Cooper, director and star of A Star Is Born (if you haven’t seen it yet—what are you waiting for?). Cooper was there to accept the award for Best Original Music (no big deal), and he bumped into the royal duo.

The Duke of Cambridge congratulated Cooper on the films success, saying, “Congratulations, it’s a great film.” The royal then added, “I didn’t know you could sing!”

And honestly? Neither did we. But it turns out that Cooper did all his own singing on the film. Consider us impressed. (The incredible soundtrack also won a Grammy and is nominated for an Oscar, NBD.)

So Bradley, since you’re such a triple threat, maybe you should reshoot all-singing, all-dancing versions of all of your best films. American Hustle: The MusicalThe Hangover Tap Dance Spectacular? Yeah, we’d watch it.

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