Prince William Uses Typewriter in New Video & People Have *Thoughts* on the Way He Types

It’s been two months since Prince William revealed that he was writing the forward for Earthshot: How to Save Our Planet and now, he’s giving followers a look into his writing process.

On Friday, the Duke of Cambridge shared a video on Instagram of himself sitting down at a typewriter (yes, you read that correctly) to pen the special forward. “In my introduction to Earthshot: How to Save our Planet, the authoritative book of The @EarthshotPrize, I wanted to share the early conversations in 2018 that led to the Prize’s creation and the simple equation that captures my theory behind Earthshot: Urgency + Optimism = Action.”

And it didn’t take long for fans to point out something interesting about William’s typing style in the comments section of the post. Many fans noticed that the 39-year-old types with his pointer fingers only. One user teased, “Oh, Prince finger typing????” while a second added, “I love that you type with just your index fingers...” A third individual wrote, “So cute to see him typing with one finger.... so relatable to our generation.”

If you’re unfamiliar, the duke’s Earthshot Prize offers $65 million to support “solutions to the world’s greatest environmental problems” over the next decade. The mission is to reward those who are making a difference in climate change.

The new book, which is co-written by former World Wide Fund for Nature executive director, Colin Butfield, and Jonnie Hughes, will bring attention to current environmental challenges and propose solutions to help face them. Earthshot: How to Save our Planet is scheduled to publish on September 30th.

Don’t worry, Will. If we ever used a typewriter, we’re sure we’d be using the one-finger technique too.

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