Prince Harry Pranked Kate & William on Their Wedding Day in the Best Way Possible

It’s been 10 years since Prince William and Kate Middleton said ‘I do’ at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. It’s easy to remember the major moments—Kate’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown; the look of glee on Prince William’s face when Kate met him at the altar; their double kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of screaming crowds. But there was another blink-and-you-might-miss-it detail courtesy of Prince Harry—and it’s actually a pretty great prank.

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Remember the getaway car—an Aston Martin on loan from Prince Charles—that William and Kate used to romantically drive off into the sunset post-reception at Buckingham Palace? Prince Harry was in charge of decorating it and, in addition to the bows and balloons, he added one more flourish to make the newlyweds really stand out: He attached a learner’s permit sticker.

Myka Meier, founder of Beaumount Etiquette and author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy, dropped by the Royally Obsessed podcast this week and shared the back story.

“It’s totally Prince Harry’s personality to [do something like that],” Meier explained. “In America, we don’t have this—when you get your driver’s permit, you just get a permit and you drive around and no one can tell which car has a driver in it that’s just learning. In the U.K., you get this big ‘L’. A red ‘L’. A fat ‘L’. It goes straight on your window and it’s so embarrassing to drive around with. People honk at you and wave. I went through it, so I know.”

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Still, Prince Harry apparently couldn’t resist applying his trademark sense of humor to Kate and William’s big day. “That’s what Prince Harry did. So, when William got into that beautiful Aston Martin convertible, [Harry] had it decorated, but he also had that big Learner’s Permit sticker on, which is just so sweet.”

It also may have been appropriate? Prince Charles revealed shortly after the royal wedding that, in all the excitement of the day, Prince William forgot to take the handbrake off while driving around in front of the crowds. Oops.

With a day as grand as that, you have to appreciate a sense of humor being infused to help take the pressure off. Now, the million dollar question: Did Prince William return the favor and prank Harry on his wedding day to Meghan Markle? TBD.

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